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Effective 5/11/15

We cannot allow Price Proctection or Returns on invoices dated May 11 or later on either

generic Intuniv® by Actavis or generic Guanfacine HCL ER®

We are anticipanting the price to deflate as other manufacturers gain approval on May 30. 



OTC's Now  Available!
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Aripipazole various strengths (Compares to Abilify ®)
Esomeprazole Magnesium  20 & 40mg (Compares to Nexium ®)
Celecoxib 50,100, 200 & 400mg (Compares to Celebrex ®)
Guanfacine HCI  various strengths (Compares to Intuniv ®)
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Risedronate var strengths (Compares to Actonel ®)
Colesecelam  625mg (Compares to Welchol Tabs ®)
Mesalamine 400mg DR (Compares to Asacol ®)
Memantine 5 &10mg (Compares Namenda Tabs  ®)